Learn about the most important ways to protect websites from hacking

May 26, 2023 | news, Programming Languages, Programming Work, Security

How to protect websites from hacking?
Protecting websites from hacking is one of the important things that you must follow, so you must know these important steps:

Choosing a secure hosting company to buy reliable hosting.
An SSL security certificate must be installed to encrypt the website data.
Set a strong password for your control panel and hosting data.
Follow your site well daily to limit any changes to it.
Backing up the site’s data and updates, ensuring that you have the ability to restore anything in the event of a hacking of your site.
Take into account not to neglect the updates that follow on the site, because these updates would address the security vulnerabilities of your site.
Check carefully any file you want to upload to the site, as there are files that contain many viruses, which makes it easy to penetrate.
Join one of the educational platforms to teach programming, you must be well-versed in the Python language, which is involved in many areas, the most important of which is information security, and it is worth noting that Mystro Academy is the first in Germany specialized in the field of programming and digital skills, take the initiative now to contact the academy to book the training program Which helps you protect websites from hacking to preserve them.

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