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100% funded government certified AI programs in Arabic!

Are you an Arabic speaking Germany resident looking to join the workforce? Are you registered in the Job center? No funds? Not sure where to start from? How about exploring a career in Digital & Technology?

 You are in the right place with Mystro. Lets get you started.


Upon completion of our bootcamps, students receive internationally recognized certification that opens doors to exciting work opportunities across Europe and globally. Your future in tech starts here.


​The first and only Academy in Germany & Europe
to learn AI in Arabic.



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Why Mystro ?​

The first and only certified Arabic language e learning institute in the world that provides high -end IT & AI training programs created and delivered in Arabic language

​AI Course

We offer specialized bootcamps in AI and Python. Our courses are designed to provide comprehensive knowledge and practical experience, ensuring our students are job-ready upon completion.


in Arabic




More Than
16 Practical Projects


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6 Months


Providing Chief Technology
Officer Consultations


Providing A Practical Training
(Praktikum) After Graduation



Our students & graduates say

Obie Mohammad


The scientific content is excellent, useful, and well-linked to the work requirements. It is very important for everyone who wants to develop himself and help in the practical application of projects

Mohamad ghayth albata


The trainer’s method of presenting the scientific material is simple and direct. We were given the opportunity to participate as a virtual team in the practical part of the training as well as in the project implementation.

Seba alnouma


The academic content is excellent, useful, and well-linked to job requirements. The course is very important for everyone who wants to develop and help in the practical implementation of projects

Loran Youssef


Mystro ist eine sehr sehr gute Akademie. Ich empfehle jeder der in Programmierung Bereich geht. Ist Top

Mehyar Farzat


Mit Mystro bist du auf dem richtigen Weg, denn es ist die beste Wahl für dich, wenn du daran interessiert bist Programmieren zu lernen. Modernes Ausbildungsniveau, fachkundige Trainer, exzellentes Management

Mohammad Ghnim


Die ganze Team sind ausgezeichnet, hilfbereit und super nett. Der Lehrer erklärt uns alle Informationen im Details und wiederholt immer gerne beim Bedarf. Danke Mystro

Danny Nasra


Gut organisiert , gute Lehrer und schöne Erfahrung würde ich weiterempfehlen

Najat Taha


The teacher explains very good. The team are also very nice. It was a very good experience. Thanks Mystro

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a specific background or qualifications to join the diploma?
You should have a bachelor degree in any kind and the basics in English and German, as we offer a free course to strengthen computer skills, English and German language skills, in Mystro, in order to prepare our students to successfully enter the tech job market after graduation.
What if I miss a class session? Can i still receive the recording?

f you miss a class, you can contact your training facilitator, and we will assure that you receive the support you need and the recording of the missing sessions as well.

What kind of support do you provide to students?
Our service is 5 stars, so that each student will communicate directly with a dedicated facilitator on a daily basis to follow up on each training aspect. The facilitator will as well coordinate between the student and the instructor to ensure the highest quality and the desired outcomes for each student at the end of the program to land the best job opportunity in Germany.
How do Mystro diplomas compare to traditional certificate programs?

There is a big difference between practical and vocational training that we provide and traditional education. At Mystro we aim to make you, in a relatively short time, acquire all the necessary skills to ensure that you can fit in the tech job market after a diploma. As for traditional education, it aims to give information and does not aim to teach you the skill to enable you to work later. For this reason, we find employment rates in traditional educational institutions much lower than employment rates in vocational training programs such as ours.

What are the possibilities for career development after graduation from the diploma?
We have reached +80% employment rate, the main reason is our student must be fully commitment to the training and the instructions of the instructors and facilitators, and continuous follow-up and this has the most important impact on the recruitment process later
Can I still work while studying with you in the diploma?
We have a part-time Diploma option of 4 hours daily, and we have a full-time Diploma of 8 hours, you can still have your job in your free time
Are the programs taught in Arabic or English?
In Arabic, English, and a mixture of German before graduation, with the aim of promoting professional integration into the labor market
How recognized your certification is in the labor market?

Our certificates are accredited by the German AZAV Organization in Germany and worldwide.