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Start learning from scratch, and become job-ready within 6 months, with an internationally recognized certificate by the Job Center 

All programs of Mystro Institute are certified with AZAV accreditation in Germany and throughout Europe. 


Training Hour


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Employment Rate

Focus On Your Future, Become Irresistible to Top Companies!

No one can compete with AI Developers in the labor market and entrepreneurship. 

Be among the pioneers who take advantage of the artificial intelligence revolution, and start a new career path that guarantees financial independence and professional growth suitable for you. 


Job Vacancies


Average Annual Salary


  1. High school. 
  2. ​English language skills: A2 or higher. 
  3. German language skills: A2 or higher.
  4. Basic computer skills, including performing various tasks using a computer (accessing the internet, typing using Notepad or Microsoft Word, creating simple budget spreadsheets using Microsoft Excel, …). 


    6 months 



    Arabic and English 



    08:30 – 15:00 


    Monday Friday 



    Why Mystro? 

    The first and only certified educational institute in Germany that provides a high-level of AI training programs in Arabic language by an elite group of internationally accredited Arab trainers. 

    Tangible results through executing practical projects and daily monitoring by the training team

    Enhance your resume with an internationally recognized certificate

    Engage and ask questions in your native language to ensure the best results with certified Arab trainers

    Achieve your occupational goals faster and reduce years to just a few months

    Start learning for free by requesting a learning voucher Bildungsgutschein in cooperation

    with the Job Center.