Java development

Gain in-depth knowledge of Java and

learn to build robust and scalable


Course Objectives

  • knowledge of the structure and model of the Java programming language, (knowledge)
  • use the Java programming language for various programming technologies.
  • develop software in the Java programming language, (application)
  • evaluate user requirements for software functionality required to decide whether the Java programming language can meet user requirements (analysis)
  • Use an integrated development environment to write, compile, run, and test simple object-oriented Java programs.
  • propose the use of certain technologies by implementing them in the Java programming language to solve the given problem (synthesis)
  • choose an engineering approach to solving problems, starting from the acquired knowledge of programming and knowledge of operating systems. (evaluation)
  • Develop communication skills, service management skills, and presentation skills
  • Read and make elementary modifications to Java programs that solve real-world problems.
  • Validate input in a Java program.
  • Identify and fix defects and common security issues in code.
  • Document a Java program using Javadoc.
  • Use a version control system to track source code in a project.
  • Manage a simple project and be able to contribute to a more complex project as a team member.
  • Demonstrate employability skills such as personal management and team member skills as a professional software developer
  • Complete job preparation tasks including writing resumes and cover letters, conducting job interviews, and developing an e-Portfolio. ​


  • Bachelor’s degree
  • ​English language skills: B1 or higher
  • Basic computer skills, perform various tasks using a computer (accessing theInternet, writing using notepad or Microsoft word, creating simple budget spreadsheets using Microsoft Excel,..)

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