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Whether you are new to the field of technology or looking to enhance your skills, our training course offers you the fastest way to kickstart your career in the industry.

By joining our comprehensive professional training, you will learn modern model engineering and cutting-edge techniques used in tech industry to be prepared for a new professional phase in the world of artificial intelligence programming.


Job Vacancies


Average Annual Salary


  1. High school.
  2. ​English language skills: A2 or higher.
  3. ​German language skills: A2 or higher.
  4. Basic computer skills, including performing various tasks using a computer (accessing the internet, typing using Notepad or Microsoft Word, creating simple budget spreadsheets using Microsoft Excel, …).

Online lectures

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Days & Time

Monday – Friday
08:30 – 15:00



Arabic and English


25 weeks
(1000 training hours)


€ 13,720

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Learning Plan

Learning Plan

Learn the key programming concepts, solve business problems using Al & ML, and build machine learning and deep learning models

Programming using Python language

Apply practical implementation of computational tasks on data using the Python language and construct an initial scalable model

Graduation project

Preparing for the job market, presenting a comprehensive graduation project, and participating in realistic job interviews

Why Mystro?

Tangible results through executing practical projects and daily monitoring by the training team

Enhance your resume with an internationally recognized certificate

Engage and ask questions in your native language to ensure the best results with certified Arab trainers

Achieve your professional goals faster and reduce years to just a few months

All programs of Mystro Institute are certified with AZAV accreditation in Germany and throughout Europe.
You can register for free through the education voucher (Bildungsgutschein) in cooperation with the Job Center.

Registration Steps:


Apply for enrollment and interview with the training specialist

Everything you need to know about the training program, along with some tips from our team


Get accepted

Coordinating with your advisor, schedule an appointment with the Job Center / Agentur Für Arbeit, to obtain a Bildungsgutschein voucher for the training program
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Start learning

You will start from scratch under the guidance of a specialized training team to accompany you step by step until proficiency

Graduation certificate

You are now ready for your first job as an Artificial Intelligence programmer.

What Mehyar Farzat Say

Mehyar Farzat


Mit Mystro bist du auf dem richtigen Weg, denn es ist die beste Wahl für dich, wenn du daran interessiert bist Programmieren zu lernen. Modernes Ausbildungsniveau, fachkundige Trainer, exzellentes Management

What Mohammad Ghnim Say

Mohammad Ghnim


Die ganze Team sind ausgezeichnet, hilfbereit und super nett. Der Lehrer erklärt uns alle Informationen im Details und wiederholt immer gerne beim Bedarf. Danke Mystro

What Danny Nasra Say

Danny Nasra


Gut organisiert , gute Lehrer und schöne Erfahrung würde ich weiterempfehlen

Are you ready to change your life and kick-start your career in the technology field?

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What qualifications are required?

High school.

Basic computer skills, performing various tasks using the computer (accessing the internet, writing using Notepad or Microsoft Word, creating simple budget spreadsheets using Microsoft Excel, …).

Can I enroll in the training program while I am outside Germany?

Certainly, you can enroll from outside Germany, as anyone around the world can join our training program to learn the field professionally and obtain an internationally recognized certificate.

What are the payment methods for the training?

  1. Direct payment
  2. Installments payment
  3. Full funding from the Job Center
  4. Loan from Visora

How can I get funding from the Job Center in Germany?

Just inform us that you are registered with the Job Center in Germany, and our registration team will follow up with you on the funding process.

How can I obtain a learning loan from Visora?

Scan the QR code on our website to know the steps for obtaining the education loan. 

Program Objectives:

  • Solve business problems using Al & ML.
  • Build Machine Learning and Deep Learning models.
  • Develop know-how of the applications of Al in vital and contemporary fields such as Computer Vision and NLP.
  • Understand the potential and impacts of artificial intelligence (AI) in various industries.
  • Learn Python programming language.
  • Apply practical implementation of computational tasks on data using the Python language.
  • Learn programming concepts and fundamentals used in solving artificial intelligence problems.
  • Construct an initial scalable model.
  • Develop communication, management, teamwork, and presentation skills.

    At the end of the program, you will have:

    • An e-portfolio showcasing your work in artificial intelligence programming.

    • Practical experience in modern and useful AI & ML tools and technologies aligned with the environment and requirements of German enterprises.

    • Complete preparation for entering the job market, starting from creating resume to readiness for job interviews and technical questions.